• Michelle and Andrew Woodhouse

The Fingal Spit is open!

After many years – at least 3? – the Spit to Fingal Island is back in place. For a long time it was not accessible but now we are able to walk over to the island again and we are so happy to be able to spend the good part of a day over there.

If you have not been across the Spit before, please ensure that you check the tides. You need to make it across when it is just at the beginning of the low tide and make it back again before high tide. The Spit cannot be safely crossed when there is any water across it – looks do deceive and there has been many people that have had to be rescued and some who have lost their lives as the currents are very deceptive and strong. However, if you watch the tide times, the walk across and back is simple, safe and truly a great experience.

We love to have lunch here, to swim and search along the shoreline for sea glass and other flotsam and jetsam. On the way back, there is another branch in the track which leads down to the old wharf that was used to ferry supplies to the lighthouse keeper when it was occupied.

The view back along the Spit and Fingal Beach is truly spectacular – take the time to soak it all in and the absolute delight is taking a refreshing dip when you are back on the beach.


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