• Michelle and Andrew Woodhouse

Dog Friendly Exercise Area Fingal Bay

A fully enclosed dog exercise area was put in place in Fingal Bay in late 2016 and is has proved to be a very popular place for local and tourist 4-legged friends. This is located in the foreshore parkland area next to the beach and is south of the children’s park.

Bay Escapes - Dog Friendly Area Fingal Bay

This dog exercise area is just next to the water board access area which is also off the lead for dogs and is bounded by the light wooded area next to the children’s park to the beginning of the fenced dog area. See the map below. See the map below.

Most of Fingal Bay is accessible for dogs on their leads and there are also dog friendly cafes plus a great walking trail to Fingal Bay – see more in our article “Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay’

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