• Michelle and Andrew Woodhouse

A favourite walk – Shoal Bay to Fingal Bay

While on the subject of Fingal Bay, there is a popular walking and cycling trail from Shoal Bay to Fingal. This is easily accessible from the Cottages – just head south pass the school and continue to the end of Rigney Street. Turn right onto Tomaree Street and the walking path is on the left hand side and follows Marine Parade into Fingal Bay. This is a truly lovely walk as it meanders through paper bark groves and is also a favourite for koalas at various times in the year. Locals will always say ‘Hi’ so don’t hesitate to ‘Hi’ back!

Along the track, there is a trail that leads off to the left through bushland. There is a slight clamber up a small hill which goes to the top of the dunes that overlook Fingal Spit – this is a truly breathtaking view and no matter how many times we have seen it, we are still blown away by the beauty of the dune and the Spit! (Note though that this is Tomaree National Park area).

Once you get to the end of the main walking trail, you will be greeted by the surf club and the dog friendly Long Boat Cafe. Continue the walk to the children’s park and to the dog exercise areas mentioned above. Further on is the headland and Barry Park – simply follow the beach and road around to the headland area. Dogs are ‘technically’ not allowed in Barry Park but we have seen people there with them (even for a brief time) to take in the amazing view of Fingal Beach, way out to Broughton Island and beyond, and to also take in the view from the the new viewing platform. This is also a great spot for barbecues and picnics (another favourite spot of ours to take wine, prawns and bread rolls) and also for whale watching in the July to September period.

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